Business List


Online / Offline settlement

We offer payment solutions that meet customers' needs such as credit card transactions on the Internet, payment using credit card terminals in real stores, convenience store payment, electronic money payment. It is used in a wide range of industries.

ICO Consulting / ICO platform

Instead of providing a "place" for cryptocurrency transactions, we aim to fulfill roles and functions similar to those of securities companies in the financial instruments market, introducing consulting for companies to properly conduct ICOs, a sound cryptocurrency exchange office, listing recommendation · listing examination and supporting sales and purchase of tokens proxy etc. In addition, the Meta Script Gateway is planning to offer the ICO platform "Metalist".

Cryptocurrency exchange

Provides wide variety of blockchain-focused services such as cryptocurrency exchange and TGE (Token Generating Event) agency, etc.


Data management

We provide users behavior analysis focusing on applications, metapse analytics that can analyze advertisement effect data in detail, and consulting services to support customers' products and promotion action measures on a one-stop basis based on those data.

Data feed marketing

We provide marketing solutions centered on the utilization of data, such as systems and media ( that manage product data feeds. We also operate movie editing application service such as Filmstory.

Ad solutions

We will support your company's promotion on a one-stop basis, such as the distribution of online advertisements necessary for smartphone era, data analysis, optimization of sales promotion. Comprehensive support including global expansion and offline advertising is a strength.

Game publishing consulting

We support global deployment of application games on a one-stop basis. From IP introduction to culture rise and other publishing related businesses, we respond generally to promotion such as online and branding, community management, customer attraction support such as influencer.



Timebank is an exchange that can trade "time". Users can purchase, use, sell, possess time expert's time, experts can change the spare time into earnings. We aim to reinvent economy and time through the creation of "time market".

Real Estate Tech

We use technology to help maximize spatial value around accommodation facilities. We are developing unmanned lodging facilities "Commune", Grand Pink Car resort "Commune Dot", spatial consulting using accommodation facilities' big data analysis, etc.


We offer a money communication app "pring" that allows you to complete money transactions such as "send, receive, pay, charge, return to account" all free of charge.