Unleash The World


Change the Future of Money and Economy

With the advance of digitalization, we are able to recognize values unseen to the human eye such as time and space as data, and the birth of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are already beginning to change the nature of economy as we know it today. Our mission is to make full use of these growing technologies to unearth the most effective uses of their value and create a brand new economy.


Unleash The World

Our goal is to create a society in which everyone in the world is freed from any number of constraints through the power of technology, and can freely create their own future. While the concept of "wealth" is becoming increasingly diverse, we believe that through pursuing a way of life as an individual a new sense of values will be fostered that, in turn, will lead to the sustainable development of society.


Metaps People Quality

What is the stance that each and every Metaps employee takes toward their work to "change the future of money and economy"?

What actions do we focus on in our day-to-day tasks that help us to "unleash the world"?
MPQ (Metaps People Quality) is a collection of the five most important values and behaviors that employees incorporate into their work.

Focus on results with a sense of passion and simple honesty

Above all, we value passion. We believe that even above an individual's skills and abilities, passion makes the largest difference. Without passion, others cannot be inspired or get involved. Passion is the true source of power to perform tasks to the best of one's abilities, and, regardless of outward appearances, we will continue to call upon our passion while striving to achieve our goals.

Think "how to do it" instead of why you can't

No matter what you do, you will encounter obstacles. It is precisely because no one may have ever done it before that this obstacle appears impossible to overcome. At times like this, we don't become intimidated by this obstacle's size, but instead choose to break it down by thinking outside the box and performing a steady course of repeated trial and error.

Move at quadruple speed to stay ahead of challenges

It's due to questioning common sense and pursuing ideals that innovative ideas are born. However, behind every innovative idea stands a number of people across the world with the power to unlock it and make it a reality themselves. We believe that the most important part of any new idea is to execute it and give it form with speed and vigor in order to always stay four steps ahead.

Never be satisfied with the status quo and always aim to reach higher

Past results and methodologies obtained through trial and error are often strongly remembered as success stories. However, it's important to be prepared to face and sometimes discard these preconceptions. While we believe that it is important not to take past successes and precedents for granted, it is equally important to focus on what the best thing to do for the current situation may be, and never stop the process of adapting and changing.

Create new values through the involvement of many people

Each and every one of us should be a professional, however, there is a limit as to what we can achieve as individuals working alone. Instead, we believe that a collaborative group of strong individuals working together creates a multiplier effect, leading to the achievement of maximum results through the power of co-creation.