Metaps and Hakuhodo to develop TV commercial analytics for app developers


Metaps Inc. has announced a total marketing partnership targeting app developers with Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc.

Both companies entered into this partnership to improve upon current methodology to calculate the performance of TV commercial campaigns by joint development of better analytics and visualization solutions. Intent is to make possible the prompt calculation of the correlation between TV commercial broadcasts and app downloads/other in-app activity, calculation of the ROI, user acquisition and conversion of a commercial on different mediums of user referrals. The addition of TV commercial performance analysis now makes it possible for the combined entity to provide total marketing solutions for app developers encompassing TV commercial performance, online advertising and in-app ads for more optimized user acquisition.

metaps Analytics dashboard

Both companies also have long-term plans to further research and development of predictive models utilizing AI and big data technology, to give greater insights on projected cause and effect of various marketing activities based on past market activity. Through the integration of AI learning of massive volumes of data, this partnership will produce other cutting edge solutions and services.


About Metaps
Operates one-stop app user acquisition/analytics/monetization platform ‘metaps’ and online payments solution ‘SPIKE’. Metaps is a global company with offices in 8 countries and a mission stating “Through big-data and computer learning, our aim is to be the world’s brain by empowering people to make smarter decisions.” This February, Metaps completed a Series C round of funding for $36 Million.

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