Acquisition of PAYDESIGN, Inc.


On April 14, 2016, Metaps, Inc. (“Metaps”) announced its acquisition of PAYDESIGN, Inc. (“PAYDESIGN”), a leading payment service company in Japan (the “Transaction”). Metaps acquired all of the outstanding common stock of PAYDESIGN from DRC Capital group, Japanese private equity funds, for JPY 2,880million in cash.

Metaps’s acquisition of PAYDESIGN advances its mission of “To be the World’s Brain – Empowering people to make smarter decisions through computer learning-”. By combining Metaps’s online payment platform business “SPIKE” and its customer base with PAYDESIGN’s transaction volume and wide variety of payment service, “SPIKE” will be well positioned in a growing online payment industry and be able to deliver solutions that can transform the future of e-commerce. After the Transaction, annual gross merchandise volume will reach JPY 100billion.


Operates as one of the leading payment service provider in Japan. PAYDESIGN provides wide variety of payment solutions, including credit card payments, rent payments and electronic money etc. When combined with SPIKE, annual gross merchandise volume will reach JPY 100billion.

◆About Metaps
Operates one-stop app user acquisition/analytics/monetization platform ‘metaps’ and online payments solution ‘SPIKE’. Metaps is a global company with offices in 8 countries and a mission stating, “Through big-data and computer learning, our aim is to be the world’s brain by empowering people to make smarter decisions.”