Notification on the appointment of a candidate outside director as a corporate advisor


Metaps Inc. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Katsuaki Sato, “Metaps”) hereby announces that Mr. Ken Takayama, who is a former CFO of Rakuten, Inc., (“Rakuten”) was appointed as a corporate advisor to our company from this September, prior to his nomination as a candidate for an outside director. The selection of outside directors is to be discussed at the 9th ordinary general shareholders’ meeting scheduled to be held in November 2016.

We have expanded our global operation in 8 countries within the fast-growing internet industry mainly utilizing data technology for advertising and financial services with the corporate vision of “Empowering people to make smarter decisions through computer learning”.

Mr. Takayama started his career at The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited (current Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) and joined Rakuten in November 1999 as a Senior Director. Since 2013, Mr. Takayama was primarily responsible for managing the financial strategy as group CFO of Rakuten. He has deep understanding of our corporate culture and will offer his experience and knowledge to build up our FinTech business and to enhance our long term corporate value and corporate governance. Metaps plans to discuss the selection of outside directors at the 9th annual meeting of shareholders, for the purpose of improving the soundness and transparency of our business administration and strengthening our corporate governance.


■Profile of Mr. Takayama

April 1988    Joined The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited
November 1999 Joined Rakuten, Inc. as a Senior Director
  (current position: Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
February 2010 Chief Financial Officer of Rakuten, Inc.
March 2013     Executive Advisor of Rakuten, Inc.
September 2016 Corporate Advisor, Metaps Inc.

*Mr. Takayama satisfies the requirements for an independent executive specified by Tokyo Stock Exchange. If the appointment of Mr. Takayama is approved at the 9th ordinary general shareholders’ meeting, we will notify Tokyo Stock Exchange of the appointment as an independent executive.