Pre-registration started for “Timebank”, a real-time trading service for “time”


On July 18, 2017, Metaps, Inc. announced its plan to launch a new service called “Timebank”, a real-time trading service for “time”. The service is scheduled to begin in this Autumn and pre-registration process for “time issuer” has started.

Timebank is a market for “Time”

Timebank is a place to buy, use, sell and hold “time” that the experts, such as engineer, business manager, athlete and singer, issued.
By using Timebank, experts can issue and sell its spare time and others can participate in the market in the following manner:

1) BUY time: You can buy any time that the experts issue (sell) (one unit is ten seconds).
2) USE time: You can use the time you purchased.
3) SELL time: You can sell the unnecessary purchased time to others at the market price.
4) HOLD time: You can hold the time you purchased to support the time issuer in a long term.

The time will be issued with specific intended use (in the area of each expertise) such as advise/consultation for business, speech/interview, lunch/dinner or some kind of event. We also have an option to be “time owner” by holding the time. By issuing the time, time issuer will be able to raise funds with its own expertise and others can offer indirect support for their activities. The time can be also traded at time market anytime.
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Pre-registration started for time issuer

Time issuer will be able to leverage its expertise and raise funds by selling its spare time. Timebank will calculate their score as an online influencer and qualify/disqualify as time issuer. The score will be automatically calculated by connecting their Timebank account with other SNS accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Instagram is in preparation). The issue price (initial price) will be determined by the Timebank operating team according to issuers’ (1) score as an online influencer, (2) credit and (3) expertise.
Registration site:

Vision for Timebank

The vision for Timebank is to change the way of working/living and establish individual-focused economic system by promoting more effective use of spare time and reaffirming the value of time.

Timebank is scheduled to be launched in 2017 autumn

The beta’s launch is scheduled in 2017 autumn. The service will be initially only available on iOS.

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