Metaps joined Japan’s Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) – explore future possibility of virtual currency issuance with “Timebank”-


Metaps, Inc. (“Metaps”) joined Japan’s Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (“BCCC”) (*1). BCCC was inaugurated with objectives that included spreading and building awareness of blockchain technology (*2), promoting its research and development, encouraging related investments, and collaborating with overseas blockchain organizations.

Virtual currency has recently drawn much attention in Japan as the revised Payment Service Act of Japan came into effect in 2017. Metaps has been developing proprietary algorithms, which provide data analytics related to money (including purchase data, stock trading, FX trading, real estate trading etc.) and recently set up “Trading Studio” to develop AI for algorithms trading in virtual currency market.

Metaps also explores the future possibility of ICO and virtual currency issuance with its new product “Timebank”. Timebank” is a place to buy, use, sell and hold “time” that the experts, such as engineer, business manager, athlete and singer, issued. By using Timebank, experts will be able to raise funds with its own expertise and others can offer indirect support for their activities. There is also an option to be “time owner” by holding the time. The time can be also traded at time market anytime.
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*2 blockchain technology
Blockchain technology discards the need of any third-party or central authority for P2P transactions needed to transfer value between two parties. These blockchain systems have three main benefits: falsifying data is very difficult, downtime is practically zero, and drastically lower costs. It is seen as a fundamental technology for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.


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