Metaps announced a capital and business tie-up with Tagpic Inc., Japan’s largest Instagram influencer network 〜Accelerating the business collaboration with time exchange “Timebank”〜


Metaps Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Katsuaki Sato, “Metaps”) announced a capital and business tie-up agreement with Tagpic Inc. (Tagpic), Japan’s largest Instagram influencer network, which manages more than 3,600 influencers in Japan and Southeast Asia (SEA).

In the influencer market which is growing rapidly, Tagpic will connect with a network of leading instagrammers (total number of followers/reach exceed 790 million people in Japan and Southeast Asia (including duplication among followers)), promote casting to brand advertisers and also provide consulting business on Instagrammers. Tagpic aims to enhance their presence as the No. 1 company in Asia for Influencer marketing.

In addition to that, the service developed by Tagpic has high affinity with “Timebank”, one of Metaps core businesses, and with this tie-up between Tagpic’s network of more than 3,600 influencers and Timebank, we will establish a strong collaboration including influencer scoring, time-value collaborative research etc.

■ About Tagpic Inc. 
Tagpic is a branding agency which manages more than 3,600 influencers domestically and within Southeast Asia (SEA). It is also Japan’s largest Instagram influencer network with a total reach exceeding 790 million people within Japan and Southeast Asia (including duplication among followers). Among the services offered are casting of influencers, SNS brand consulting, production and distribution services of branding videos.
・Corporate site
・Video distribution network

Company name: Tagpic Inc.
Establishment: September 1, 2015
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-30-10 Ebisu-nishi Daikanyama Il Tenpo
Representative: Ayumi Yasuoka Representative Director
Business contents: Marketing support for instagram platform, model casting, media management, movie production, etc.

■ About Metaps Inc. 
Metaps is a company that aims to build new economic models by making full use of the innovative technologies that is available. We have set Fintech as our priority investment area, and we are actively developing the business in the following six different verticals; Payment, Cryptocurrency, Loans, Investment, Insurance and Management. We operate the “Timebank” marketplace, which allows users to buy, sell and utilize the “time”. ( )

Company name: Metaps Inc.
Establishment: September 3, 2007
Location: Mita 1 – chome, Address 1, Minato – ku, Tokyo 4
Capital: 5,414 million yen
Business description: Marketing business, Finance business, Consumer business