Acquisition of KOL Media Limited


On June 26, 2018, Metaps Inc (“Metaps”) announced that its board of directors has resolved matters relating to its acquisition of KOL Media Limited (“KOL”), a marketing company in Hong Kong.

In recent years, the mobile game companies in Asia, primarily Chinese companies, have been rapidly expanding to global markets. Correspondingly, the demand for comprehensive support to publish and operate games in the global market has been increasing. The Greater China business in Metaps has been providing total solution services including marketing, operation, and introduction of IP to mobile game publishers in China, Japan, and other Asian companies; however, the fast-growing global market has motivated more clients to expand their products globally.

KOL has a core strength in marketing business in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and is also a leading company in the game outsourcing operation by the greater China clients in its product expansion to the above mentioned regions. The management team of KOL has deep knowledge in the gaming and tech industries, and the company has the capability and experience handling the client needs in multiple languages. KOL has also been focusing on the management of branding promotion, as well as performance marketing.

Given Metaps’s strength in Asian market (especially in the great China region, Japan, and Korea), as well as KOL’s marketing experiences in Europe, North America, and southeast Asia, Metaps and KOL are aiming to combine, through this transaction, the experiences, knowledge, and network to build a global publishing support platform to serve the growing Asian game companies.

Metaps will further aim to build and strengthen global publishing support platform and increase its profitability by taking marketing measures and developing services that will contribute to effective global expansion for clients.

<Company Overview>
■KOL Media Limited
KOL is a growing company that provides online and offline marketing and advertising service, as well as outsourced service for game operation. It was founded in 2016 by the members of overseas publishing team of a major Chinese publisher.

CEO: Sally Shen
Foundation: May, 2016
Nature of Business: Outsourced game and marketing operation

■Metaps Inc
President: Katsuaki Sato
Foundation: September, 2007
Nature of Business: Marketing, Finance and Consumer business