SMARTCON’s easy payment application ‘SmartPlus’, partnership with easy payment.


Smartcon Co., Ltd. (CEO Jonghyun Kim) has announced a partnership with Lotte Members’ easy payment service ‘’.

– Enhanced customer service and convenience through partnerships with Lotte Members.

– Expecting synergies with the introduction of simplified payment methods that enhanced purchasing and charging system.

– Smartplus x payment platform will be officially launched in September.

As result of this alliance, SmartPlus, an easy payment application of Smartcon, plans to develop easy payment system through In the future, customers will be able to use mobile gift vouchers to purchase or present by charging cash in a convenient way.

 In particular, as result of reflection of Smartcon and Lotte members’ easy payment and mobile gift voucher activation, it is possible to improve service and convenience for both customers of the two companies.

The Easy Payment market is growing twice or more annually, and mobile gift certificates are expected to be major business content for easy payment companies.

Smartcon CEO Jong-Hyun Kim said, “In addition to using mobile gift vouchers through SmartPlus, Off-line store payments are also increasing steadily” and “The partnership with is expected that this produces a powerful synergy because customers are able to charge and use it more easily.”

Meanwhile, SmartPlus customers will be able to charge easily through, and customers will be able to use the platform that will allow them to pay directly at stores where SmartPlus is available end of this September.

Smartcon has launched ‘Smart Plus’, an application that able to use present and easy payment at stores based on the distribution of mobile gift certificates. They are also committed to expanding customers’ usage and improving technology by collaborating with various franchises.

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[Introducing Smartcon]

Smartcon, established in 2011, is specialized company with O2O platform throughout mobile commerce environment. It has recently become a mobile fin tech company as well as launching Smart Plus app.

In addition to sales of online and mobile e-coupons, the smartcon is aiming to grow into a major company that connects cryptographic with the real economy through interlocking with plus coins.

At present, Smartcon is the largest mobile voucher company with the largest share in the KakaoTalk gift market.

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