Metaps Plus plans to launch block chain based digital asset trading platform “TEMX” together with the release of casual mobile game “Dig Star”


On October 15, 2018, Metaps Plus (CEO Kim Seung-Yeon), Metaps’ Korean subsidiary, has announced that it will release casual mobile game ‘Dig Star’ over 154 countries around the world in November. The pre-registrants for Dig Star have already reached more than 200 thousand people and it attracts a great deal of interests from many users.


Dig Star is a casual game that people can decorate ‘My Planet’ by building up infra through traveling around the planet and collecting their resources. Users can enjoy building a variety of relationships with social networking that allow you to visit or invite the stars of friends.

Dig Star has a character called “Creature” in the game, which has a variety of features and capabilities and users can mine the resources more effectively and powerfully by owning these Creatures. In addition, ‘Creature Fusion System’ that allows you to create more powerful Creature by combining different featured Creatures enliven a deep immersion of the game for users.

The number of Creatures created through the system should be about 5 million and users can enjoy collecting the Creatures and will also be able to sell and buy these Creatures on the Web exchange.


Moreover, Metaps Plus plans to launch block chain based digital asset trading platform “TEMX” in November as well and Metaps Group will develop the business on a global scale.

TEMX aims to become a marketplace where various assets such as game characters are traded. As Metaps Group, we are planning to increase the number of digital assets that can be traded on this platform by promoting partnerships with companies that develop games utilizing block chain technology and companies that develop digital assets. We have already scheduled to deal with game characters of multiple gaming companies in addition to Dig Star’s Creatures.

 Also, we plan to provide UI/UX and settlement services that users can securely and easily trade their digital assets on one platform. In order to secure transparent trades, we will provide review system of sellers and digital assets, standardized characters catalog and matching function of buy-and-sell as well.

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「DIG STAR」Official website :

「TEMX」Official website :

About Metsps Plus
Metaps Plus is a Mobile Fin-Tech platform built in 2009. It operates the domestic first-ranked app marketing reward platform NAS(Trademark registration 4012646300000) and has 300,000 DAU and runs about 100 million app download campaigns every year. In January 2016, it acquired the mobile commerce company ‘SMARTCON’ and became the largest mobile Fin-Tech company in Korea. It operates the largest mobile voucher platform in Korea and partners with about 7,000 merchants in Korea. It is raising. SMARTCON payment alliance boasts differentiated competitiveness with more than 1,000 independent merchants.

About Metsps Inc
President: Katsuaki Sato
Foundation: September, 2007
Nature of Business: Marketing, Finance and Consumer business