Metaps Plus, Casual Mobile Games ‘Digstar’ has launched at Google Play!


Metaps Plus has launched Casual Mobile Games ‘Digstar’ at ‘Google Play’ in 154 countries around the world on 26th Nov.

– Various resources can be collected through planetary travel. It is possible to build ‘My Planet’ according to user’s preference.

– Collecting and combining ‘creatures’ creates more than 5 million creatures. Web-to-user transactions are possible.

– The digital assets trading platform ‘TEMX’ will be released in the first quarter of 2019 using block chain technology.

‘Digstar’ is a casual game that travels the planet and decorates ‘My Planet’. Social networking features that allow you to visit or invite your friends’ stars can also be added to build a variety of relationships.

‘Creature fusion system’ can collect and combine creatures with different characteristics to create more powerful creatures.

‘Creature fusion system’ can create about 5 million creatures. It is possible to deal with users on the web exchange.

Metaps Plus celebrates the launch of ‘Digstar’, starts a big event.

First, the event where the in-game item is doubled every seven days of the game login is carried on until December 31.

The event will be held to present the gift voucher of 1,000 won and 3000 won through the lottery among the users who have connected to ‘Digstar’.

Seung-yeon Kim Metaps Plus CEO said, “In the future, ‘Digstar’ will be newly upgraded in 2019 with the use of its own virtualization market exchange infrastructure.” “The goal is to provide platform services that can be transparently transacted. It will provide product and seller reviews, standardized product catalogs, demand and supply matching functions.”

Meanwhile, Metaps Plus will openes the Block-chain game item trading platform ‘TEMX’ in the first quarter of 2019. 

‘TEMX’ is a payment service that allows you to securely sell and purchase ERC721-based Crypto Assets within a platform. ICO partners, who are acting on behalf of Metaps Plus, will participate in item sales.


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