Metaps Group announces the establishment of a new holding company "Metaps Entertainment Limited" for further business expansion into the Greater Chinese market.


In the highly uncertain business environment of technology industry, Metaps group aims to build a strong management system that can respond quickly/flexibly to the market changes. Each company / business is classified as continuous growth and discontinuous growth, and the new company is to compile the greater china businesses with the aim of reinforced business foundation for further expansion.

Hong Kong’s marketing company KOL Media Ltd., Taiwanese advertising agency Luminous Co. Ltd., Singapore’s marketing company Metaps Pte Ltd., Chinese marketing company Metaps Shanghai Co., Ltd., and Metaps Greater China Operations, are to be under the responsibility of Metaps Entertainment Limited.

Metaps group will strive for further growth and strengthening competitiveness, including strategic alliances with external partners, based on the knowledge and data that have been cultivated so far.

[Company Overview]
  Company Name: Metaps Entertainment Limited
  Representative: Richard Zheng
  Foundation: December 2018 (TBD)

[About Metaps]
Metaps is engaged in marketing, finance and consumer businesses, focusing on data centering on Japan, the Greater China and South Korea, under the mission of changing the future of money and economy through innovative technologies. Putting those business domains together, Metaps aims to create new market and accelerate growth.

Company name: Metaps Inc.
Establishment: September 3, 2007
Location: Mita 1 – chome, 4 – 1, Minato – ku, Tokyo
Capital: 5,419 million yen
Business description: Marketing business, Finance business, Consumer business