Partnership announcement of Smartcon Co., Ltd., Korea Mobile Game Association, Korea Blockchain Contents Association


 – Smartcon will support platform cooperation and development research for launch of game exclusive gift coupon

– SmartPlus mobile coupon could expand to online market following the introduction into game market

On December 5th, 2018, Smartcon Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jonghyun) announced a business partnership with the Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Contents Association to promote the development of Korea’s game and blockchain industry. 

The partnership will help building a triangle business model of blockchain, games, and mobile coupons by establishing a mobile coupon platform in the game market, where blockchain technology is rapidly integrated.

Smartcon will support the development and deployment of blockchain-based item trading platform for the member companies of the Korea Mobile Game Association, starting with the launch of game exclusive gift coupons.

As a result, Smartcon will be able to expand its online use of its O2O payment application SmartPlus through the mobile game market, and the Korea Mobile Game Association will be able to utilize mobile coupons for customer service of the game companies.

In addition, CryptoCard, a prepaid card-type coupon of 3rd generation cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA), will be used in mobile games.

Smartcon CEO Kim Jonghyun, said, “We are trying to innovate the mobile coupon market with the blockchain technology. The interest in CryptoCards is growing.” he also said. “It is anticipated that game and blockchain technology will increase the growth of each area.”

“Mobile games are leading the global market,” said Hwang Seong-ik, president of the Korea Mobile Game Association. “Mobile game companies will use mobile coupons to promote their products to customers. It is expected to be able to launch blockchain-based game coupons, which will further expand the user base.”

Meanwhile, Smartcon launched SmartPlus, a payment application earlier this year, and gradually introduced blockchain technology to build a global mobile wallet payment service.

[About Smartcon]
Established in 2011, Smartcon is a specialized company with O2O platform throughout mobile commerce environment. It has recently become a mobile fintech company as well as launching SmartPlus app.

In addition to sales of existing online and mobile e-coupons, Smartcon is aiming to grow into a core company that connects cryptocurrency with the real economy through PlusCoin, the company-branded ERC20 token.

[About SmartPlus]
SmartPlus is a payment application that can collect scattered points or charge the cash through various payment means to spend in offline stores or send mobile gift certificates. Cryptocurrency feature is constantly being integrated into SmartPlus in order to be used in the real economy, and SmartPlus itself is being developed as a global mobile wallet payment platform.

 [About Korea Mobile Game Association]
Korea Mobile Game Association (President Hwang Seong-ik) is a non-profit corporation established to support small and midsize game developers by planning and operating practical and field-friendly support projects for the promotion of the game industry. Currently, about 800 member companies joined to this association. Korea Mobile Game Association is a representative association for small and medium game and indie game developers who are proud of the size of the largest game member company in Korea.

[About Korea Blockchain Contents Association]
Korea Blockchain Contents Association is promoting the establishment of small and medium-sized content companies through a variety of contents businesses such as mobile based on blockchains, and to contribute to transparent and healthy exchange and industrial development among member companies. In order to create content industry and ecosystem based on domestic block chain, member companies of about 100 companies related to blockchain such as game, education, platform are working on various activities in order to become frontier of 4th industrial age.

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