Metaps Plus, A total of 11 patents were filed for the Blockchain technology filed in 2018. Achieve the largest registration in Korea.


– As a pioneer of Blockchain technology. In 2018, there are 11 domestic Blockchain patents registered.

Personal information management and token flow control within the Block-chain makes transactions transparent and fast.

– Received the grand prize in the electronics / IT category in the ‘Best Patent Award of the 12th Republic of Korea’. 

South Korea’s Blockchain registered 18 patents in 2016, 32 in 2017, and 103 last year, three times more than the previous year, making related industries actively growing every year.

Metaps Plus registered 11 patents for Blockchain technology in 2018, ranking the top in the domestic industry.

Of the patents filed in 2018, a total of 11 patents have been granted until January 2019. There are ‘Distributed Ledger Using Proof of Work for Game Difficulty Control Based on Blockchain’, and ‘KYC implementer using KYC Blockchain’.

As a result, Metaps plus has produced the largest number of patent applications ever filed for blockchain patents last year. It has become a pioneer of Blockchain technology in South Korea.

In particular, ‘KYC implementer using KYC Block-chain’ is a technology that provides distributed director devices and methods to manage personal information through the user’s digital wallet address and control the flow of tokens within the Blockchain. It is expected that the users will be satisfied with the fund procurement by using the cryptographic money because the transaction can be done transparently and quickly without complicated identification process.

In addition, problems such as cost, manpower, and processing time due to personal information inquiries will be solved, making it easier to use.

Metaps Plus Seung-yeon Kim CEO said “In 2018, we will concentrate on the original technology of the Blockchain. In 2019, we will focus on launching new products based on the Blockchain technology”.

On the other hand, Metaps Plus received the grand prize in the electronics / IT category in the ‘Best Patent Award of the 12th Republic of Korea’. It is contributing to the revitalization of the Blockchain industry.

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Metaps Plus is a Mobile FinTech platform built in 2009. It operates the domestic first-ranked app marketing reward platform NAS(Trademark registration 4012646300000) and has 300,000 DAU and runs about 100 million app download campaigns every year. In January 2016, it acquired the mobile commerce company ‘SMARTCON’ and became the largest mobile Fin-Tech company in Korea. It operates the largest mobile voucher platform in Korea and partners with about 7,000 merchants in Korea. It is raising. SMARTCON payment alliance boasts differentiated competitiveness with more than 1,000 independent merchants.