Announcement of Executive Personnel Changes


Metaps Inc. (Tokyo; President & CEO: Yuichiro Yamazaki), a company engaged in the DX support business, decided at its 13th Regular General Meeting of Shareholders held today to reappoint two Directors and appoint three new Directors (Audit & Supervisory Committee Members) following the retirement of previous Directors due to the expiration of their terms of office.

Aiming to ensure diversity in addition to further strengthening supervisory functions, two of the directors appointed are female and one a male foreign national. With a new management structure, we will continue to enhance our corporate governance, including the maintenance and improvement of internal controls, as we work to further expand our business.

■ Profiles of New Directors

【1】Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Fei Lou

2005:Joined McKinsey & Company Japan, where he was involved in strategy development and execution within the IT and automotive industries.

2011:Joined DeNA Co. Ltd. as VP for China, led the launch of Mobage China.

2013:Joined Metaps Inc. Contributed to the company IPO as an executive officer in charge of the Greater China business.

2016:Appointed as an External Director of DXHUB Inc. (formerly JP MOBILE CO., LTD)

2019:Appointed as a Director of Linc Inc.

Reasons for Appointment:

Mr.Lou can be expected to audit and supervise management in a practical manner based on his high level of insight into corporate management, cultivated at several major strategy consulting firms and businesses. Additionally, he has sported a remarkable track record and a high level of international sensibility in the global app monetization business since joining Metaps Inc. in 2013.

【2】Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Aya Ozasa

1999:Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.). Engaged in the corporate sales of bridal information magazines.

2006:Joined Google Inc. (currently Google Japan LLC). Responsible for domestic sales and marketing of all advertising products.

2009:Engaged in freelance sales marketing and social strategy consulting for companies.

2011:Participated in the founding of EventRegist Co., Ltd. Became a Director and COO in January 2012.

2018:Appointed Representative Partner of Colorful LLC.

Reasons for Appointment:

Based on her abundant experience and broad insight as a corporate manager, Metaps Inc. expects Ms.Ozasa to be able to provide effective advice and supervision from an independent, objective standpoint and from a long-term perspective.

【3】Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) Ayako Sano 

2001:Joined Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Engaged in economic research.

2009:Joined Tokyo Nishi Law Office (currently TNLAW Legal Professional Corporation)

2018:Appointed as a Civil Conciliator for the Tokyo District Court.

2018:Established her own law office, Aya Law Office.

2019:Appointed as an External Director of SKYLARK HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

Reasons for Appointment:

Ms.Sano offers a wide range of knowledge, including practical experience at securities companies and taxation as an attorney at law, and has also served as an External Director at other listed companies. As such, she is expected to provide effective advice and supervision from an independent, objective standpoint and from a long-term perspective.

■ Reference: New Management Structure

President & CEO: Yuichiro Yamazaki
Director: Yoichi Wada
Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member): Fei Lou
Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member): Aya Ozasa
Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member): Ayako Sano

Managing Executive Officer: Daisuke Hara
Managing Executive Officer: Hiroki Haginoya
Managing Executive Officer: Heejoong Yun
Managing Executive Officer: Seiji Takagi

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Representative: Yuichiro Yamazaki (President & CEO)
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Capital: 5,444 million yen (as of the end of December 2020)
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